Managed It Service Provider


Established in 1996, Sun Technologies Inc. is recognized as an award-winning and innovative global IT services company, specializing in IT Infrastructure Modernization, Digital Transformation, Test Automation, Mobile Applications, Cloud/DevOps, IT Consulting and Game Testing Services with expertise in many technologies in the areas such as Databases, Servers, Operating Systems, Cloud, Storage, Virtualization, Middleware, and Security.

We are a client-focused onshore and offshore software development company with strong leadership and reliable people who are Honest, Committed, and Continually striving to find a better way. We respect the individual and Value Diversity, Inspiring Trust, Teamwork, and an Open Exchange of Ideas.

Professional Services

We are a managed IT service provider, managing diverse business interests in the areas of

Staff Augmentation,

Digital Transformation Solutions, and

QA Services

Gaming Services.

Why choose Sun Technologies?

Sun Technologies’ is one of the best IT services companies and your ideal partner in growth and innovation.

Client Focus: Partner, add value, align goals, seamless process integration, co-creation and co-existing with the client team

Leadership: Pioneer, Role Model, and Inspire

Deep Domain & Technology Expertise: Knowledge Repository, Business Knowledge, and Practitioners approach

Reliable People: Honest, Consistent, Committed, continually striving to deliver innovative solutions

Respect for Individual: Value diversity, Inspiring Trust, Team Work, Open Exchange of Ideas.

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